Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions- 

Question: What is included when my Sleep Sound mask comes?

Answer: Eye mask, instruction sheet, and charging cord. ***Note the charging cord does not include a plug. The cord will attach into a standard USB plug. Before using any charger to charge the Bluetooth mask, check whether the specifications of the charger meet the requirements. The recommended output voltage of the charger is DCSV+/- 0.25V, and the recommended output current is 100 mA to 500 mA. Too high of charging voltage may damage the device.

Question: Do I need to Charge My Mask Prior to First Use? 

Answer: Yes, please charge the mask completely prior to first use. (This will take about 2-4 hours). The indicator will turn blue when the mask is fully charged. A constant red light will indicate that the mask is charging. A fully charged battery will offer approximately 8-10 hours of talk/music time or 100 hours of standby time.

Question: What are the Instructions For Use?



  1. Press and hold the play button for 2-3 seconds. The mask is in pairing mode when the blue and red lights flash.
  2. Turn your device Bluetooth on and connect to “Sleep Sound”.
  3. Secure mask on head.
  4. Relax and listen to your media.

 Question: Can I connect the Bluetooth device while charging the mask?

Answer: No. Do not attempt to connect the Bluetooth device while charging the mask. The Bluetooth transmitter is disabled during the charging process so you will not be able to pair while charging.

Question: What is the maximum distance between the mask and my smartphone device?

Answer: The max distance cannot exceed 32 feet between smart device and mask.  The Bluetooth connection may be disturbed if the mask is separated from the smart device or if walls or other electronic devices are in between the mask and smart device.

Question: Can I connect more than one Bluetooth device at a time?

Answer: No. Only connect one Bluetooth device at a time. Please disconnect any other Bluetooth connections before connecting with the Sleep Sound mask in order to have the best connection.

Question: How do I change the volume? 

Answer: To increase/decrease the volume, press and hold the +/- button for three seconds. If the maximum/minimum volume level is reached you will hear a beeping sound.

Question: How do I repeat a song? 

Answer: To repeat the previous song, push the volume up + button for one second while music is playing.

Question: How do I skip to the next song?

Answer: To skip to the next song, push the volume down – button for one second while music is playing.

Question: How do I pause the music?

Answer: Press the Play/Stop button once to play the music and press it again to pause the music.

Question: How do I release a call?

Answer: To release a call, press the Play/Stop Button once to release an on-going call and a beep sound will be heard.

Question: How do I reject a call? 

Answer: To reject a call when there is an incoming call press and hold the Play/Stop button for 3 seconds.

Question: How do I switch a conversation from my sleep mask to my mobile phone and back?

Answer: If you hold the Play/Stop button for three seconds during a conversation, the conversation is switched to the mobile phone. Press Play/Stop button again for three seconds and it will switch back to music mode.